Jeanette Embree, Award Winning Master Groomer and Salon Owner

Jeanette is the owner and sole proprietor of A Royal Touch. She is an Nationally Certified Master Groomer (NCMG). This means she has completed Written and Practical Exams and been judged by an international certifying body. Testing included grooming a variety of breeds and grueling written exams including but not limited to Breed Identification, Health, Anatomy, Breed History, Skin Problems, Infestations and much more. In an unregulated industry like ours it is very important to seek out groomers with certificates on the wall. Because you don’t NEED them to work in the industry, the pet professionals that have them have gone above and beyond to earn them and are deserving of recognition and respect. Nationally Certified Master Groomers have a superior dedication to advancing the credibility and accountability of those working in our field. Jeanette has been grooming for twenty years! Jeanette obtained her NCMG qualification in 1998 from the National Dog Groomers Association of America, and is also a member of IPG (International Professional Groomers Inc) See website here

Competitive Grooming wins (yup, the ribbons and medals on the wall) include Poodles, Wheaten Terriers and Mixed Breed Teddy Bears. Jeanette has been grooming since 1994, and her favorite grooms include Teddy Bear trims, breed clips and patterns. Her very favorite breeds are Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Papillon, Eskimo and Sheltie. Jeanette has been a published columnist for the K-9 Chronicles in Edmonton and was a regular guest on QR77 Radio’s Pet Show with Robert Church. Most recently Jeanette had an article published in the 2016 edition of the Canadian Dogs Annual Magazine!  Look for her Grooming Demonstrations on Television’s “PetGuys”. Other Career highlights include being one of the founding members and Past President of the Alberta Dog Groomers’ Association. Jeanette can also be seen volunteering by invitation at many Humane Society fundraisers. Her love of dogs has led her to own one of the longest thriving independent grooming salons in Calgary. Running an apprenticeship program has helped Jeanette remain motivated to continuously upgrade her skills. Groomers have come from as far as Vancouver to Toronto to train with her and there are many successful groomers and business owners Canada wide that have had their humble beginnings at A Royal Touch!

Jeanette is a Lieutenant Navy in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserves and is semi retired from Grooming.  She is on contract with the DND and is available Saturdays and afternoons Tuesdays and Thursdays to select clientele. Please book well in advance.