Your stylists at A Royal Touch Pooch Pawlour take a #humanitybeforevanity approach to grooming.

Here is the true, inarguable test to your pet’s coat condition.  Take a metal comb, and comb your dog from the skin out.  If the comb does not go through, your dog’s coat is matted. We understand that coat maintenance can sometimes get out of hand, and dogs will be dogs. Running in the off leash and playing and swimming are not congruent with those long, beautiful show coats you see pictures of on the internet.  We don’t judge.  Let your dog ‘dog’, but please, understand that show dogs in beautiful coat don’t often get to ‘dog’, and spend hours weekly with their handlers maintaining their beautiful styles.

When you come into the salon we will assess your dog’s coat.  If it is salvageable, and your dog will tolerate it, we will work with your pet.  If it is not salvageable, your dog will need to be clipped short. (shaved).  Most of our clients who get teddy bear trims and specialty cuts come in every four to six weeks.  If it has been three months, six months, a year, since your dog’s coat has gotten any professional attention, please try the comb test mentioned above.

Shaved.  Not a dirty word.  We don’t mean ‘bic razor’ shaved.  We call this haircut a ‘kennel’ cut.  Now here’s the thing.  The clippers must go UNDER a matt.  They won’t go through.  We start with the longest finish, 1/4″.  Won’t go through, we go down a blade at a time until we find the length that will get the matts off.  The point is, what determines the finished length of the dog (or how short the shave is) is actually the condition of the dog’s coat when it comes into the salon, and has little to do with the skill of your stylist.  When the matting is severe, and tight on the skin, we need a short cutting blade to get between the matts and the skin.  In severe cases of cast matting, we may need a surgical blade.

We understand if you experience disappointment upon learning that your dog must have a short hairstyle.  Respectfully, we request that pet owners try to understand we can not fix months of overlooked coat maintenance in one day. We at all times put the best interests of your pet first.

Your Stylists at A Royal Touch Pooch Pawlour are happy to offer maintenance plans, so you can get that look and save money.  We also provide complimentary brushing and combing lessons to all of our clients to help you maintain your pet’s beautiful coat.

I hope this helps.  This message is provided respectfully to dog owners, with the best interest and comfort of their beloved pet’s at heart. Come see us at A Royal Touch and let us help you and your pet!

Love and Grooming,