As another year comes to a close I wish to extend a warm thank you to all of our beloved clientele.

If you don’t mind I would like to say a few words.

I can’t believe A Royal Touch has been mine for over two decades.  When I started grooming I had just retired from the military and transferred into the Primary Reserves.  As a soldier I was a last name, a rank, a number. After my grooming training I couldn’t find a salon to work in where I felt comfortable.  My work is MORE than a job, MORE than money…I needed like-minded peers. When I bought my business, I decided it was going to be more than a vehicle for making money; I had a real passion for my new job and loved working with dogs and cats. Furthermore, I wanted to create a culture for my staff where there was a sense of family. I never wanted anyone on my team to feel like they didn’t matter. When you value your people, they value your company.

My staff over the last twenty years has changed due to natural attrition, life changes, and well, some never bonded with the team or identified with our culture.  My ladies are quirky. We are from all walks of life, different religions, ethos and cultures. We are pierced and tattooed. And some of us, well, me, am a serving member of the Royal Canadian Navy Reserves.

What does that mean?  Trust is everything. I travel a lot for my military career so my manager, Sarah McKinnon, has huge responsibility with her job. I trust her judgement explicitly and know she will always make the ethical and safe choice when it comes to the care and grooming of your pet. Sarah, in addition to being my manager, is my senior Pet Stylist. She loves all breeds and has a particular talent with Doodles 🙂

Tammy McLaren came to us when she needed a life change and a working environment full of strong, confident women and blesses us each every day with her calm, patient handling and Pet’s First Grooming Style.  She is a miracle worker with puppies!

Our brand new Junior Pet Stylist Brittany Leach-Roberts is a fireball of energy and passion for pets. When she’s not at the salon she is volunteering her time with Rescue Services and tinkering with her truck.  She is our Go-To when something needs repair! I am pleased to announce I will commence her groomer training in January and Personally see to her success.

My previous salon Manager deserves Special Mention. Sarah Kennedy, you walked into my salon a scruffy teenager with no experience and an ‘interesting resume’ to say the least. You bathed, learned how to groom, certified, and eventually ran my business. Eleven and a half years later, you left to have a wonderful life making beautiful babies with the man of your dreams. I miss you every day but I’m so happy for you and very proud of the amazing woman you are!

Over the years everyone who has been a part of my team has left a bit of themselves with me. I think of them occasionally and smile, or sometimes shake my head 😉 but I can honestly say I have created the culture that I set out to. Everyone matters. And we are all unified with a passion for Pet Care and an uncompromising Pet’s First philosophy.

So as we end 2017, I wish to say thank you to my staff, and my clientele.  We have survived the advent of big box stores, close competition, mandated wages, a 300% rent increase since I bought the salon, floods, snow storms, and all the joys operating in a 100 year old building entails.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Love and Grooming,

Jeanette Embree.