A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour is open Tuesday through Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM to 3 PM. We close for every long weekend and Holiday. Please book in advance. Saturday appointments can be up to a three week wait. Please read: We are not able to provide express appointments or afternoon appointments on Saturdays due to high demand for Saturday Grooming Services.

To avoid a $20.00 fee, please provide a 24 hour cancellation notice so we can fill your spot from our wait list.

Our wait list is pretty long on Saturdays and Before Major Holidays.

Our reception window is 7:30-9 AM weekdays and 8-9 AM Saturdays.

We offer express appointments on weekday afternoons only.  Express grooming appointments are a regular grooming service done straight through without pause.  A shih-tzu sized dog for an express appointment would take approximately one and half hours. Larger dogs will take longer. The express grooming fee is $25.00 in addition to your regular grooming service fee. This service is recommended for dogs who are over stimulated and reactive during regular salon visits.

*We do not offer express grooming services on Saturdays!*   Definitely worth mentioning twice. Saturdays fill up quickly, often weeks in advance.  We do our best to accommodate pet owners who are unavailable for weekday appointments.  Saturday appointments can take longer, your patience and cooperation is appreciated.  If quick service is important to you, please do not book Saturdays.  We are happy to provide express grooming services on weekdays! (express grooming fee in effect)

*Please read* Effective immediately new clients booking an appointment in excess of $200.00 in services (two large dogs, three small dogs) will be asked to provide a $50.00 non-refundable credit card deposit to book. No exceptions. Your deposit will be applied to your service fees on the day of your appointment.
We apologize if this new policy is an inconvenience. It is enacted due to a high percentage of no-show rates in new clients.

Your Groomers at A Royal Touch look forward to meeting new clients and making new fur pals!

Doggy Daycare:

A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour is not accepting new doggy daycare clients at this time

Grooming Fees:

Our fees are mid to high range city wide. Our fees include the basics, double wash, deep condition, ear cleaning, nail trimming, hand drying (no cage drying) and hair styling. Glands checked upon request. Extra charges that may apply include challenging coat condition and challenging temperament fees. We are happy to provide a maintenance plan and a referral plan to help our clients save money. Please ask your stylist for details. A Royal Touch does not charge extra for specialty shampoos or conditioners.

Walk in nail trimming is available daily 10AM to 2PM only for $10.00.

Cruelty Free Policy:

At A Royal Touch we are not equipped or qualified to sedate or forcibly restrain pets. We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet that cannot handle the grooming process without risk of harm to themselves or our staff. All pet owners using the services of our pet stylists must disclose any history of aggression to our staff so we can make an accurate and safe risk assessment. Grooming services involving Challenging Coat ConditionChallenging Temperament and Challenging Health Conditions will require a waiver before service will commence. If a dog is injured in our care, our groomers are obligated to report it so we can provide emergency treatment. Pets come first!

The dematting debate is a hot topic at any grooming salon.

Want a hand scissored Teddy Bear? Show cut? Plan on visiting us every six weeks and brushing and combing your dog twenty minutes three times a week in between. Any less, and your dog may have too many matts and require shaving. Your groomer reserves the right to refuse to perform services that are considered inhumane. Dematting in excess of ten percent of the coat is inhumane, and will not be done at our salon. Dematting services are NOT sanctioned by our professional grooming associations, IPG, NDGAA and the Calgary Humane Society as humane practice. We are happy to provide a short trim fresh start and complimentary brushing lessons to our clientele.

If your dog requires a shave, or pelt removal services, due to a matted coat, you will be shown photos of how short the finished length will be, you will be shown on a fun-fur diorama of how short it will be, and you will be required to sign a waiver permitting us to shave your dog.  The clippers go in between the matts and the dogs skin, they cannot go through the matts.  We can not do any more that the above to mitigate any feelings of shave-shock you may have when you pick up your pet.  We understand your preference for longer hair.  We don’t like shaving them either.  Please be advised the finished length of the dog’s coat is not a reflection of the stylists’ skill, but a reflection of the condition of your dog’s coat when brought in for grooming. We don’t judge!  Coats sometimes get out of hand. We understand that.  Let us help you!

Our pet grooming services at the salon are not a substitute for veterinary care. We do not diagnose or treat conditions that must be seen by a vet. To that end we will not interfere with areas of the body requiring medical attention. We will not pluck or clean infected ears, we will not attempt to expel impacted anal glands. A Royal Touch will not be responsible for complications due to pre-existing medical conditions that may become inflamed during the grooming process including but not limited to ear/eye infections, skin conditions and anal gland issues. Arthritic, obese or elderly animals may tire easily and be sore after the grooming process. Your stylists reserve the right to halt grooming at any time if your pet becomes unable to further tolerate standing or handling.

Style Selection:

We are happy to offer clipping, scissoring, hand stripping and breed patterns. We also offer a limited variety of creative touches including color. All services are selected with the owner at the time of the appointment. The person bringing in the dog and speaking to the stylist selects the service after a consultation. (If you don’t agree on your pet’s style at home, the person who comes in decides) This is a very important policy. We don’t want to get caught in he said/she said debates. Scenario: Mom wants a hand scissored teddy bear, Dad brings in the dog. Dog is too matted, needs a shave. We show Dad the matts, he understands, authorizes us to shave, Mom is unhappy and complains, groomer and Dad are both in the dog house.  Smile, we are on Camera!  A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour records all client consultations on our security cameras to ensure quality customer service. We also record all grooming services to provide reassurance and peace of mind to our beloved clientele. We strive for transparency in grooming, superior communication with pet owners, and ethical pet handling at all times at A Royal Touch.

Salon Environment:

Your Pet Stylist at A Royal Touch strives to maintain a calm, fun environment for both groomers and pets.

You can aid this by bringing in your dog on a leash, socializing your pet, and kennel training at home. We work with a lot of rescue dogs at the salon that are sensitive. Dogs that are overstimulated in the salon environment (scratching, howling and barking and generally stressed) will need to be picked up as soon as possible upon completion of services to preserve a less distracted environment for other pets.

A Royal Touch is also a people-positive salon. Our stylists are quirky, some tattooed, some pierced. We respect the diverse nature of all persons and promote a friendly, respectful environment for both staff and pet owners. It truly is a friendly, pets-first people-friendly Pooch Parlour!

Safety Notice:

Please have your dog on a leash and under control in our reception zone.

Edmonton Trail is a busy road and if your dog is running around loose in reception and another client opens the door it could be tragic.

Additionally, we work with a lot of rescues and reactive dogs. YOUR dog may be friendly, but that doesn’t guarantee other client’s dogs are!

Our cat groomer strongly recommends having all cats transported into the salon in a kennel for safety reasons.

Please help us keep your pets safe!  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in this matter.

Cat Grooming: Our Cat Groomer is now taking new clients.

For more information please visit