I get it.
My dogs are my lifeline. My Trinket, a sponge for stress. Joe-wee, a crazy daily reminder of the importance of silliness. My Kismet, she is a life lesson for me to sometimes surrender my will and blessings will come (in their own darn time), but they come.
The thought of finding someone to care for my dogs?
Oh, no.
My throat tightens, my mind races, it’s not pretty.
I’m lucky to work in the industry…any one of the Doggy Divas that I’m blessed to work with daily could pamper my pooches. But strangers?
Oh, heck no.
Were I to move to another city and become injured an unable to groom my own dogs?
That would be terrifying.
That being said, there are amazing people in the grooming industry, like us (insert cheeky grin here) who love dogs, and know our stuff.
And there are those that aren’t like us.
The point of this brief Blog, is I want the world to know…
I understand.
I get it.
In twenty years of grooming I’ve held alot of hands. Had a lot of good conversations with some really great people whether or not they used our services. Some pet owners are a great fit for a salon environment, some aren’t. We are lucky in a city as big as Calgary to have many options such as mobile services that even come to your homes.
But I’m rambling.
I hope myself and my staff can help you choose the right fit. We are a good, goofy little group.
And we love dogs. Our passion is grooming. Did I mention we are goofy? (ahem..but totally professional)
So, no matter where you are, if you have a good groomer, I would like you to comment, what was it/is it about your groomer that instills your trust? I think this is a great discussion topic to kick off our new blog!
Love and Grooming,
Head Doggy Diva