We are happy to announce that Sarah and Jeanette are taking new cat clients! Please read below before you book!

We groom only calm, chill kitties, that can handle the vibrations of the clippers…and the hands of a stranger.

A Royal Touch is not equipped to sedate or forcibly restrain animals.  If your cat is aggressive or reactive, we will refuse service.  We reserve the right to mitigate risk of injury to our stylists. The stylist may halt the grooming process at anytime if your cat becomes too upset to continue.

There will be dogs in the salon at the time of your appointment.

Think your cat is cool enough for grooming? Give him or her a massage with an electric toothbrush, back, booty, belly and legs. Still have all of your fingers? Use them to give us a call and chat with one of our stylists !  Check out this short video below on how to perform the Cat Grooming Tolerance Test.