Once a Year Big Fuzzy Beasties

An Open Letter to Once a Year Big Fuzzy Beasties:

Dear Once-a-year (OAY) big fuzzy beasties (BFB)… We love grooming you. Seeing your fur fly is very satisfying to a groomer, and watching you leave feeling good with your tail wagging makes us very happy.

Can we talk?

Regardless of breed, the bare minimum for professional coat maintenance is every 12 weeks, not 52.  When we book you, we set aside x amount of time and quote x amount of dollars based upon three month service, and three months worth of undercoat…not 12.

You are asking us to do a years’ worth of grooming in a single day!

Also, when we only see you once a year, your spa experience isn’t quite spa-like as you are unaccustomed to the blow dryers, the handling from strangers, the bath.  (nail trimming wh-aattt??) And, well, the fact is if you weigh more than your groomer and decide that your big fuzzy booty is just fine all matted and smelly, it can seriously cause wear and tear on our equipment and our bodies in order to give you the care that you need 😉

This year we are going to make some changes to our OAY BFB policy.

As it is impossible to see your dog’s condition over the telephone, we are going to charge hourly instead of a set fee if you have a fuzzy beastie and it has been more than three months since your last groom.

The thing is, it’s not fair that the same rate applies to a OAY than applies to a regularly maintained good condition coat. The extra hours that it takes to groom your dog over and above what is reasonable for the breed are now going to be reflected directly on your bill.

I say this will love and respect, as a groomer of 24 years. We are a labour based industry and need to charge appropriately for our time, including the extra time put into these extreme OAY grooms.

Still want to come once a year? Simple. Brush and maintain your dogs coat and keep it in reasonable condition. Hourly billing will reflect the condition of your pet.

And please don’t forget, it has ALWAYS been part of our customer service policy that we provide FREE brushing and combing lessons to our Fur-parents, for all fuzzy beasties big and small.


Love and Grooming,


Asian Fusion Dog Grooming at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour !

What is Asian Fusion Grooming?
Here’s a great link for you to read:

Asian Freestyle

Asian Fusion Grooming is freestyle and very expressive. It gives your Pooch a unique expression matching his or her unique character.

Here are some examples of Asian Fusion from the stylists at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour:












Are you interested in trying something different for your Pooch?
#callyourgroomer and book a consultation!

Love and Grooming,


Let’s Talk about our Maintenance Program!

A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour has an AMAZING maintenance plan that we are very proud of 🙂

Maintenance might be a good choice for you if:

  • You like high maintenance hair cuts
  • You don’t have time to brush
  • You are fastidious about hair in your home
  • You like a clean sweet smelling pooch
  • Your pet is reactive or rescued and needs acclimation to grooming
  • Your pet has a skin or health condition requiring regular bathing
  • You want to save money on grooming!
  • You MUST have Saturday appointments 😉  (they book up pretty far in advance)

Here are the details:

  • You book your appointments for the year
  • Your appointments must be for every 6 weeks or less
  • You can move your appointments as required BUT:
    • They must be rebooked in the 6 week window, and
    • We get at least 24 hours notice
  • You receive a 10% discount on your grooming services!
  • We send you reminders via text or email and we will see you and your pup every 6 weeks! (or less)
  • Appointments must be for the SAME dog each visit 😉

If you have any questions or would like to join our Maintenance Program please pop in, call us at 403-277-9194 or email aroyaltouchreservations@shaw.ca


Love and Grooming,


Season’s Greetings From your Professional Pet Stylists at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour

As another year comes to a close I wish to extend a warm thank you to all of our beloved clientele.

If you don’t mind I would like to say a few words.

I can’t believe A Royal Touch has been mine for over two decades.  When I started grooming I had just retired from the military and transferred into the Primary Reserves.  As a soldier I was a last name, a rank, a number. After my grooming training I couldn’t find a salon to work in where I felt comfortable.  My work is MORE than a job, MORE than money…I needed like-minded peers. When I bought my business, I decided it was going to be more than a vehicle for making money; I had a real passion for my new job and loved working with dogs and cats. Furthermore, I wanted to create a culture for my staff where there was a sense of family. I never wanted anyone on my team to feel like they didn’t matter. When you value your people, they value your company.

My staff over the last twenty years has changed due to natural attrition, life changes, and well, some never bonded with the team or identified with our culture.  My ladies are quirky. We are from all walks of life, different religions, ethos and cultures. We are pierced and tattooed. And some of us, well, me, am a serving member of the Royal Canadian Navy Reserves.

What does that mean?  Trust is everything. I travel a lot for my military career so my manager, Sarah McKinnon, has huge responsibility with her job. I trust her judgement explicitly and know she will always make the ethical and safe choice when it comes to the care and grooming of your pet. Sarah, in addition to being my manager, is my senior Pet Stylist. She loves all breeds and has a particular talent with Doodles 🙂

Tammy McLaren came to us when she needed a life change and a working environment full of strong, confident women and blesses us each every day with her calm, patient handling and Pet’s First Grooming Style.  She is a miracle worker with puppies!

Our brand new Junior Pet Stylist Brittany Leach-Roberts is a fireball of energy and passion for pets. When she’s not at the salon she is volunteering her time with Rescue Services and tinkering with her truck.  She is our Go-To when something needs repair! I am pleased to announce I will commence her groomer training in January and Personally see to her success.

My previous salon Manager deserves Special Mention. Sarah Kennedy, you walked into my salon a scruffy teenager with no experience and an ‘interesting resume’ to say the least. You bathed, learned how to groom, certified, and eventually ran my business. Eleven and a half years later, you left to have a wonderful life making beautiful babies with the man of your dreams. I miss you every day but I’m so happy for you and very proud of the amazing woman you are!

Over the years everyone who has been a part of my team has left a bit of themselves with me. I think of them occasionally and smile, or sometimes shake my head 😉 but I can honestly say I have created the culture that I set out to. Everyone matters. And we are all unified with a passion for Pet Care and an uncompromising Pet’s First philosophy.

So as we end 2017, I wish to say thank you to my staff, and my clientele.  We have survived the advent of big box stores, close competition, mandated wages, a 300% rent increase since I bought the salon, floods, snow storms, and all the joys operating in a 100 year old building entails.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Love and Grooming,

Jeanette Embree.

January should be PRIMETIME season not SLOW season for Pet Stylists :)


January, while typically slow season in the Pet Stying industry, should be Prime Time!#thinkmaintenancenotmiracles

ESPECIALLY if your pet is fearful, nervous or reactive.
Come see us now when we can spoil your pet, please don’t wait until spring rush when the salon is busy, hectic and noisy!


Call your Pet’s Stylist Today!

Love and Grooming,
Jeanette and the ladies at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour










Nail Trimming


To enter, please visit our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/ARoyalTouch/







Nail trimming At A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour.  No appointment needed, come between 10AM and 2PM Tuesday through Friday. $10.00 plus GST.

In order to keep the nails short, nail trimming must be done monthly.  Many people believe if they get the dog’s nails trimmed with grooming it is enough.

It’s not.

If you are getting your pooch groomed every two months or more, we should be seeing you in between for nail maintenance.

Here’s a great read:


And a diagram for you:







So let’s promote Nail awareness this month!

Love and Grooming,

Complimentary Brushing and Combing Lessons for our Clientele

This time of year it’s cold out and no one thinks about Dog Grooming.

But you should!

Many pet owners believe their dog needs lots of fur to keep warm. But without maintenance, all that fur could be matted and painful to your pet, hiding skin conditions, raw skin and even lesions that occur because thick coat traps moisture at the skin. When fresh air can cannot circulate to the skin, did you know your dog can actually develop a fungus, or severely irritated skin? (think diaper rash)

We have been offering complimentary brushing and combing lessons to our clientele at A Royal Touch as long as I have owned the salon. (for 20 years.)

Number of clients who have taken us up on our offer? 0.
Number of clients who are upset that their dog had to be shaved? Hundreds.

So please, give us a call at 403-277-9194 and book a complimentary brushing and combing lesson with one our our amazing Pet Stylists.
We promise no pressure, and no pushy attempts to sell you products and equipment.

We can help you and your pet!

Love and Grooming,
Jeanette and the Ladies at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour.




Do you have your Christmas Appointment Yet??











Due to demand for Saturday Appointments A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour will be extending business hours on December 10 and December 17 (only).

We have opened up a limited number of 2PM appointments for small dogs and flat coats only.  To reserve a spot for your pooch, please call (403) 277-9194 or email aroyaltouchreservations@shaw.ca

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment!  It is important to us that our beloved clients are all sweet smelling and looking spiffy for the holidays.

Season’s Greetings From the Staff at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour!