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Jeanette and the Ladies at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour


Fall Grooming Tips

fall-dogIt’s Fall. For Calgarians, we are still wondering where our summer is!
Our pooches have been wet.  Then dry.  Then wet again.

Has their coats been maintained through our moody weather months?

Matts, when wet, if allowed to air dry will tighten and shrink like a pair of wool pants in the dryer.  This makes them almost impossible to remove.

Please take a brush and a comb through your pet.  Brush backwards, from the tail towards the head, and upwards on the leg. Finish with a metal comb.

Does the comb snag?  A matt free coat will allow the comb to glide from the base to tip of the hair shaft smoothly.  From the skin out.  If it snags, separate the hair and look at the size of your problem. If it is not too big, try to work it out with your brush.  Please watch your dog!  If he or she is suffering, the matts are too tight and must be clipped.

*Please do NOT cut the matts out yourself.  Not only will it look unsightly, but when you lift a matt it will bring SKIN with it. Please don’t do this, the risk to your pet is too high.*

If you are still having trouble, please call your professional pet stylist at A Royal Touch and book an appointment.

Remember, we are happy to provide complimentary brushing and combing lessons to all of our clientele!

At A Royal Touch it is our goal to help you and your pet attain your pet syling goals through humane grooming, ethical handling, and clarity of communication with pet owners.

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