Thank You Calgary Pet Lovers!

20160621_170458Guess What!

We were voted the Best Pet Groomer in Calgary according to the Metro Community Choice Awards.

Thank you Calgary Pet Lovers! We are over the moon with joy.  We are humbled and grateful for your votes and hope to keep improving!

Love and Grooming,

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20 X 3 Brushing Technique for Dog Coat Maintenance and Matt Prevention
















Many Pet Owners are Frustrated by having to have their dogs hair clipped short by their Professional Pet Stylist.

The Pet Stylist puts the humane treatment of your pet first, and if the coat cannot be saved without undue discomfort and stress to your pet, clipping can be the only choice.  A fresh start. An opportunity to acclimate your pet to regular brushing and combing at home in between visits to the salon.

With this is mind, we introduce you to the #20X3brushing technique.

It’s pretty simple. Most dogs can be maintained with 20 minutes of (proper technique) brushing and combing, 3X/week.  That’s it. All the fancy grooming tools mean nothing if pet owner’s don’t appropriately use them on a regular basis in between clips.

  • Brush backwards, from tail to head, and upwards on the legs.
  • Follow with a metal comb.
  • If you cannot get a comb from the skin to the tip of the hair shaft, your dog’s coat condition is compromised.  Seek a professional pet stylist for advice!
  • Always get your #20X3brushing done in the same place in your home. Dogs LOVE routine!
  • Follow positive reinforcement techniques. Reward for cooperation.
  • Most Professional Pet Stylists will offer complimentary brushing and combing classes.  Become an expert on coat maintenance, and get your information from a professional!
  • Exercise CAUTION with dematting tools. Get training on their use. They are DANGEROUS.
  • Please do NOT cut matts out of your dog’s coat with scissors.  You may cut the skin underneath.

So Remember, Brushing 20X3 (20 minutes, 3X/week) may be the solution you need to maintain your pet’s coat in between grooming appointments.

If you want long beautiful coat on your pet, a Breed Trim or sculpted scissor cut, remember it is up to YOU at home to bring us a happy, healthy matt free dog who loves to be brushed.  Let the professionals do what they do best, Pet Styling not shaving 🙂

On a final note, your #20X3brushing can be a bonding experience between you and your dog.  You train them to sit, stay, walk on leash, why not train them to accept brushing and combing and make it part of your regular routine?

Remember the #20X3brushing technique  and give it a try!

You and your pet will be happier, and so will your professional pet stylist!

Love and Grooming,