Oooooodles of Doodles at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour!

A large percentage of our new client inquiries are from Doodle Owners!

Here is our Doodle Grooming Information for your perusal:

doodle     (Please Click on the Link.)

As always, at A Royal Touch Pooch Parlour we strive for transparency in grooming, superior communication with pet owners, and ethical pet handling at all times.

Love and Grooming,


Selecting a Grooming Salon? Please read.


With the weather being so lovely, we are getting a lot of calls from potential new clients. (Thank you!!)

We understand and respect that you have many salons to choose from and are grateful for your consideration when selecting grooming services.

If you are looking for a Professional Pet Stylist, I would like to offer you a link to our our Salon Policies page,

This page outlines our policies and best practices at A Royal Touch. This will help answer many of your questions when we are unavailable by telephone, or if you are researching Pet Grooming Services outside of regular business hours.

Not every salon runs the same way, and some salon policies may or may not jive with your Pet Lifestyle Philosophies at home.  We strive for quality, humane grooming, ethical handling and a positive environment for your pet. We do not provide rush services, and we do not provide dematting services. We groom at the pace that your dog is comfortable at. Our grooming service fees are mid to high range, giving us the ability to groom for love, not for volume.  We use top quality, biodegradable custom shampoos and conditioners with no extra charge for deep conditioning or specialty products.

At A Royal Touch we respect the diverse nature of all fur families, and understand not every salon is a good fit for every pooch. I encourage all pet owners to do their homework, and ask lots of questions when choosing a Pet Stylist. What works for some pet owners at a particular salon may not work with others. Finding a salon with publicly stated salon policies can help you make an informed choice on what works best for your furpersons and your family.

We state our policies so you know exactly what we offer and what we don’t offer.  If our services and policies do not jive with your expectations, then I respectfully thank you for your time and consideration, and wish you and your pet the very best!

Love and Grooming,
Jeanette Embree, CD, NCMG
Award Winning, Nationally Certified Master Groomer